About Us


We are transforming lives, that transform the world.


We recognize the divinity within ourselves and in all beings; together we inspire and co-create a world that works for all.

Core Values

  • Love – We seek to live as the consciousness of Oneness with the Infinite Spirit, to love each other, ourselves, and all creation. 

  • Integrity – We express as our authentic selves, aligning with Spirit in our thoughts, words, and actions.

  • Joyfulness – We know, remember and celebrate life in all of its delight, beauty and possibility!

  • Inclusiveness – We affirm the divinity in all and are strengthened by the continued expansion of our diverse community.

  • Transformation – We take full responsibility for our personal transformation and we commit to supporting the expanding spiritual consciousness of our community and beyond.

  • Stewardship – We take active, intentional, individual responsibility for our spiritual center by sharing our time, talents, and financial offerings.

  • Sacred Service – We actively participate and respond to the needs of each other, our community, and the world, both individually and collectively. 

  • Abundance – We practice gratitude as we celebrate and know we are sourced by the infinite, loving abundance of Spirit. 

  • Peace – We stand for peace in the presence of conflict, for love in the presence of hatred, and for forgiveness in the presence of injury. 

  • Connection – We embrace each other and build bridges to compassion, friendship, and love as we recognize the Divine in every being.

Unity of Portland is… Connection, Creativity, & Community!