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4525 SE Stark Street

Portland, OR 97215

Dial-a-Prayer Line:


Guided Meditation in the Chapel
10:30-10:50 AM

Youth/Teen Celebration Services: 
11:00 AM (Childcare is provided for infants and toddlers.)

Connection Hour: 
Following the Sunday service


Hours of Operation:
Ministry Offices: Mon - Thurs.
10am - 4pm

Bookstore Hours: 
Mon - Thurs., 10am - 4pm, 
Sundays, 10am - 1pm

Email: Info@UnityofPortland.Org

What's New at Unity

March: Love in Action Month
3/12-4/9 Kids Camp Plant Sale
3/19-4/16 Outreach Drive Begins
3/20-4/26 Moving to Heal Class
3/21 Unveiling Your Divinity Class Begins
3/26 Guest Speaker: Ester Nicholson
3/26 Make Room for a Miracle Workshop
4/2 Service Fair
4/9 Palm Sunday
4/16 Easter
4/23 Guest Presenter: Greg Tamblyn
4/28 Taste of Unity Dinner Fundraiser
4/30 "Wisdom of the World" Series Begins
5/5-7 Women of Unity Retreat
6/2-4 Men of Unity Retreat

Rev. Lisa Davis

Sandra Combs, LUT
Nick Muncie-Jarvis, LUT
Allen Watson, LUT

Staff and Board Information Here

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The Courage To Connect

We connect when we open our hearts to the love of other people. There is no separation between hearts because the light that fills and shines through each heart is Divine energy, the light of God. Behind each unique face and each individual heartbeat, we recognize oneness and boundless connection. If we allow the Oneness of connection to breathe through us, it swells our hearts, expands our compassion, sweetens our hope, emboldens our creativity and empowers our lives.
At Unity of Portland we believe that within each of us lies the Divine Spirit of connection. There are many paths to experiencing the Ground of Being we call God, and each of us is free to live according to the inspiration and spirit of the truth we carry within our hearts. We believe we are all strengthened and healed by our hearts connecting as one—the power of coming together in Spirit where there is no distance or separation between us. Together we unite as ever expanding love and truth. 

If you feel alone or are seeking a Spiritual home we invite you to connect with the Unity of Portland community. The love, truth and understanding you seek, is also seeking you. Our commitment as a ministry is to help support and inspire living a more fulfilling, Spirit-centered life—to provide the opportunity for the light in each of us to shine brightly in this world.
We invite you to attend our Sunday Services, workshops, social activities, Unity classes, community events, meditation groups or volunteer for one of our many outreach ministries.

"What makes our ministry and our lives great?

Our connection to people!

Connect at Unity Portland

It is not good for any of us to feel alone. I invite you to do something that will bless you and this ministry — reach out and have the courage to connect!

As good as you believe your current experience here has been, I guarantee that it will become even more amazing, rich and fulfilling if you have the courage to open yourself up and experience a greater sense of community at Unity of Phoenix." - Rev. Richard Maraj

Explore your spiritual path with people who can help answer your questions and support you. See our current list of classes and workshops under Unity of Portland Classes or Spiritual Education Classes offered through Unity Village.

Volunteer with people who know the joy of sharing themselves and their love with our community. Volunteer just a small amount of your time at church or assist in an Outreach Project.

Offer your talents to one of our Strategic Planning Committees

Join a Small Group at Church with people who laugh, grow, support one another, and serve together.

Form a Small Group
Our Small Groups are created by congregants of Unity of Portland, just like you! These groups invite like-minded people to meet and establish a greater connection and to support our ministry. If you’re interested in starting your own group, read more about the steps to form your own small group.

Join Us on Facebook
Join Our Facebook Group Start a discussion... Add photos and videos of your group activities... Connect with new friends.

Connect with Someone on Sunday
Each and every Sunday you can connect by praying with a chaplain, asking our board member a question or giving some feedback about our ministry at the Welcome Tent, thanking an usher, or hugging a member of the band! Share some small talk over cookies with the person next to you in the hospitality line. Enroll in a spiritual education class, or sign up to participate in our volunteer/outreach program.

Seek out our newcomers (evident by the rose on their lapel), introduce yourself and warmly welcome them to our spiritual community.

Please visit the following pages for opportunities to connect: