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What's New at Unity

March: Love in Action Month
3/12-4/9 Kids Camp Plant Sale
3/19-4/16 Outreach Drive Begins
3/20-4/26 Moving to Heal Class
3/21 Unveiling Your Divinity Class Begins
3/26 Guest Speaker: Ester Nicholson
3/26 Make Room for a Miracle Workshop
4/2 Service Fair
4/9 Palm Sunday
4/16 Easter
4/23 Guest Presenter: Greg Tamblyn
4/28 Taste of Unity Dinner Fundraiser
4/30 "Wisdom of the World" Series Begins
5/5-7 Women of Unity Retreat
6/2-4 Men of Unity Retreat

Rev. Lisa Davis

Sandra Combs, LUT
Nick Muncie-Jarvis, LUT
Allen Watson, LUT

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Unity of Portland's Sister Ministry
We are Prayer Partners with
Rev. Ada Igwe and Unity Church of Christ in Umahia, Abia State, Nigeria.

Along with supporting our Power of Prayer Project which is being done in conjunction with Unity Worldwide Ministries, we also hope to continue moving two other projects forward.  They are the Unity Building Bridges Scholarship Program for Girls and the Unity Building Bridges Unity Wonder of Water Program.  Each of these programs were co-created with our sister ministries in response to need and creating the greatest impact though financial support.

Unity of Portland Building Bridges to Unity Churches in Nigeria, Africa

Imagine the world with an expanded Unity presence and consciousness…Unity first came to Africa in the 1920s, via the radio with Charles Fillmore broadcasting late at night.

We continue reaching out to truth seekers in Nigeria via Building Bridges. In 1987, the National School was established.

In 1997, Silent Unity of Nigeria was established. We are so grateful to be a part of the development of the Unity movement in Nigeria through our financial and spiritual support.

We are so grateful to be a part of the development of the Unity movement in Nigeria through our financial and spiritual support.

For more information about the
Unity Building Bridges Worldwide Sister Ministries Program, visit:  www.UnityBuildingBridges.org

Unity Church Nigeria Mission Statement
Working with God, we play a significant role in a spiritually emancipated African society and that of the whole world through the Christian work we do in Unity.  www.UnityChurchNigeria.org

Article:  Radio Messages and the Unity Church of Nigeria by Amos Kalu


Building Bridges to Unity Churches
by Bernadette Swanson, Bernadette@Unity.org
Reprint from CONTACT Magazine Oct/Nov 2008 Printable Article Here

Rev Lisa Davis, Unity of Portland
When minister Lisa Davis adopted her first daughter from Russia, she wanted a way to stay involved in the Association’s work without having to attend the January meetings. The next week, the opportunity for Lisa’s former church, Unity of Dayton, Ohio, to become a sister church to Helen Wilcox-Evwaraye’s church in Nigeria showed up. The church gave some financial aid, but the most valuable resources shared were Unity books, which are in short supply in Nigeria.

Other Nigerian churches found out about this relationship and wanted help too. What started eight years ago in Nigeria with one church is now spread across Africa under the program named Building Bridges. Unity of Dayton and Lisa’s current church, Unity Church of Portland, Oregon, each have a chapter.

Lisa and Helen (who is now in Lima, Ohio) are co-chairs of the ministry focusing on Africa. Their vision is to create sister churches between the US and Africa.

Unity Church of Portland sends prayer letters to Nigeria. Their children also write letters to the African churches. Building Bridges sends cassettes and CDs of classes. They receive back beautiful Nigerian clothing and letters from the grateful recipients.

Books = Progress
A ministerial student in Benin was able to complete only three courses in two years. Why? Lack of books. Building Bridges has set up an account at Unity® to help pay for books. Currently the program sends books to 63 churches in Nigeria, plus 10 others on the continent. The books take anywhere from two weeks to three months to arrive.

Computers Ease Correspondence
Amos Kalu, minister, is the director of the national school in Nigeria in addition to heading up Nigeria’s Silent Unity and Daily Word. Currently, he is the only minister in Nigeria who has been trained in the United States. Udo Igwe is the head of the Association of Unity Churches in Nigeria. Both attended the convention in Phoenix this year and were given laptops to assist them with their work back home.

Building Bridges helps with the airfare, visas, and other expenses. Years ago, Amos was only permitted a two-week visa. More recently, he is allowed to stay longer. The last time Building Bridges attempted to bring ministerial students over for study, they were denied. The events of 9/11 have affected all student travel.

One of the goals of Building Bridges is to equip the Nigerian ministerial students with laptops. This would allow them to more easily take their classes online. Right now, most go to Internet cafes and wait in line for computer time.

Books wanted! Please bring in any old, unused Unity books...we will ship them to Nigeria, and if you don’t have any books, sponsorship of the shipping is available donation of $10 will be applied to Building Bridges to ship the much needed books to Nigeria.

Please direct all questions to the Church Office.